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Efficiency can be defined as the ability to achieve an end goal with little to no waste, effort, or energy.

While efficiency is a key part of the Efficient Group’s inherent philosophy and the way that it goes about its business (the name says it all), this definition does not encapsulate the essence of the Group’s 20-year journey. Indeed, it has been an all-out effort from day one. Without endless energy, passion, and enthusiasm, there would be no Efficient Group today.

As much as a 20-year milestone is a cause for celebration for the Group, it is not the end. If you ask co-founders Dawie Roodt and Heiko Weidhase, or any of their ambitious colleagues, they will tell you that the Efficient Group is only just getting started:

“We continue to have a lot of fun and love what we are doing. There is also so much more to do. Helping people attain financial well-being is what it is all about for us, and we have a good understanding of the benefits that financial well-being brings to people, communities, and the country as a whole.”

At an inspiring celebration at Time Square’s SunBet Arena in Pretoria, the Group hosted an unforgettable evening of reflection, projection, and gratitude for all of the key stakeholders in attendance… the co-authors of the Group’s tremendous success story. After all, 20 years in business is no small feat and the Efficient Group had much to celebrate!

For a business that started from humble beginnings, and for a brand that faced many unexpected challenges, the celebratory champagne tasted that much sweeter.

Some of the Group’s most impressive accomplishments over the past two decades include:

  • Started with R12 million under management, which grew into a business that has more than R390 billion of assets under management, advice, administration, and consulting.
  • Started with 15 clients, which grew into being involved in the financial well-being of more than 100 000 clients.
  • Listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange to raise capital from the public to build the business.
  • Delisted from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange to raise capital from private equity to further build the business.
  • Built a well-known industry brand and are now focussed on building a well-known retail brand.
  • Created significant value for all of our stakeholders: Our clients, our employees, our shareholders, and the communities that the Group conducts its business in.


In recent years, the Efficient Group has continued to grow for the better. In fact, the business has grown significantly over the past three years, more than doubling in value over this period.

The decision to delist has given the Group much-needed space and freedom, and has positioned it to invest in the business, both by acquiring value-adding businesses and by investing in its existing operations. By having the freedom to think ‘long term’, the business is actively working on becoming the preferred financial services provider company for South Africans from all walks of life.

Diane Radley, Chairperson of the Efficient Group, knows better than anyone that the long-term success of the Group is being written today, every day, by leaders like Chief Executive Officer Heiko Weidhase:

“What stands out for me is Heiko’s deep love for this business. Not many companies have this type of leadership. As we celebrate the 20th birthday of the Efficient Group, we all thank Heiko for his vision, dedication, and support that he has given each one of us so generously over the last 20 years.”

While addressing key stakeholders at the Group’s celebratory event, Diane added:

“We know our people are our main asset. We do not have big machines that produce things. Our advisor workforce is the lifeblood of this organisation and the work they do in ensuring our clients are looked after and protected is central to our existence. I, personally, am a devout believer in the value of advice, and the fact that we give truly independent advice is an asset that many tied-agent networks can never claim. We should never underestimate the power of independent advice. It builds trust with your clients – the best products from the best product providers to meet the needs of our clients in the best way possible. And now at Efficient, following recent acquisitions that we have made in the risk, medical and administration space, we provide an end-to-end offering where clients can get all of their financial needs met in one place.”

With the feeling that this 20-year milestone is only the first chapter of this brand’s story, Diane shared her personal wishes for the Group’s ever-promising future:

“I would like to build a business at the Efficient Group that is representative of all of our current and future clients, transforming the industry and securing our clients’ financial futures.

I would like the Efficient Group to be the brand that everyone admires, respects, and trusts.

I would like us to have fun in doing this, utilising technology to do all the drudge work and to assist us in offering the best independent advice.

I would like us to spend more time with our clients and less time on administration.

I would like us to be a brand that is admired and respected for offering great service and investment outcomes, and delivering on our promises.

I would like us to be a one-stop shop where clients trust us with their holistic financial well-being, from retirement savings to investments and medical to risk, helping them sleep well at night and worry less about the security of their families and futures.

With information at our fingertips and continuity of information bespoke to each client, I know that we will enable every Efficient advisor to be exactly that... efficient.”

Efficient in all that it does, the Group’s name says it all. And its newly adopted positioning tells us why this brand is one to take note of. After all, a name is measured not by what it says, but by what it does… year after year, and decade after decade.