Best View Model Portfolio - Efficient Private Clients
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Best View Model Portfolio

The Best View Model Portfolio is an enhanced equity portfolio that combines the Model Portfolio and Global Equity Note with additional asset classes such as private equity, real estate, and commodities, amongst others.

The Best View Model Portfolio is based on the principles of mean-variance optimisation and portfolio diversification and employs tactical, strategic and dynamic asset allocations by using both passive and active listed instruments. In doing so the Best View Model Portfolio combines the inherent flexibility of exchange traded notes (ETNs) and exchange traded funds (ETFs) with EFPC’s equity selection through an innovative, internally developed quantitative model. The idea for the Best View Model Portfolio originated from Harvard, Yale and Cambridge, who have successfully implemented similar strategies to outperform benchmarks over the last two decades.


By adding additional asset classes through innovative quantitative modelling the enhanced equity portfolio improves the risk and return characteristics of the equity-only portfolios. In this manner, the Best View Model Portfolio strategy delivers more return per unit of risk. It reduces volatility for investors in a cost and risk efficient way and therefore mitigates emotional behaviour to ultimately keep clients invested and avoid costly market time-outs.


The Best View Model Portfolio is accessible from a local stockbroking account. Investors are therefore not limited to any specific market, geography or asset class. In this globally diversified strategy investors have access to more opportunities, innovative ideas and themes, on a much larger scale.


Minimum investment: R 1 000 000

Fee Breakdown:

Model Fee (Fixed): 1.25%

ETF TER (Variable): 0.12%

ETN TER (Variable): 0.28%

Total Fee1: 1.65%