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EFPC Global Equity Note (UEFPCA)

Minimum investment: None
Management Fee: 1.25% p.a.
Target Return: CPI + 7% (Local CPI)


EFPC Global Equity Note (UEFPCA)

The EFPC Global House View portfolio aims to achieve targeted growth of CPI +7%, over the long term. This portfolio is aimed at investors looking to diversify their wealth outside of South Africa and is comfortable with full exposure to globally-listed shares and the movement in global currencies. The Global House View portfolio is well-diversified across countries and currencies, and contains between 18 and 26 shares. The main purpose of the portfolio is to find good long-term investment opportunities. A view on expected currency movements is never the primary consideration. Typically, this portfolio focuses on developed markets.

UEFPCA – ZAR Performance

The table below shows the Rand-denominated performance of the actively managed UEFPCA note, as well as the performance of popular passive ETFs. The graph illustrates how R1 000 invested in the actively managed UEFPCA note, as well as some popular passive ETFs, would have performed.

Performance and Statistics (Note)