EFPC Reg 28 Share Portfolio - Efficient Private Clients
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EFPC Reg 28 Share Portfolio



Minimum investment: R 1 million
Management Fee: 1.25%
Target Return: CPI + 5% (Local CPI)


Reg28 Share Portfolio

The EFPC Reg 28 Share Portfolio complies with Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act. It is actively managed with the objective of outperforming its benchmark (Regulation 28 Index) over the long term. This product is suitable for investors who are invested in retirement annuities or preservation funds. In managing the Reg 28 Share Portfolio, we express our best investment view on the optimal combination of asset classes. It will typically have a strong bias towards equities the asset class with the highest expected long-term returns. Shares may never comprise more than 75% of the portfolio. The balance is invested in an optimal blend of fixed income instruments.

Reg28 Performance

The table below indicates the performance for the EFPC Reg 28 Share Portfolio. The graph illustrates how a R1 million investment in the EFPC Reg 28 Share Portfolio would have performed.