Family Office - Efficient Private Clients
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Family Office

The EFPC-Heimdall Family Office

The EFPC-Heimdall Family Office combines different legal entities across multiple jurisdictions to structure a client’s estate in the most cost, tax, and regulatory efficient manner. By making use of the EFPC-Heimdall Family Office, our clients can improve the returns they generate from their assets.

What are the benefits of the EFPC-Heimdall Family Office?

Improved estate and generational planning, through:

+  Holistic, independent financial advice over your entire estate and enterprise(s)

Wealth creation, by means of:

+  Improved returns from better asset allocation decisions and diversification

+  Tax optimisation over your entire estate and enterprise(s)

Less foreign exchange controls.

Protection against local political uncertainty and the depreciation of the rand.

Wealth creation in the Family Office

Consider a high net-worth individual who has a net asset value of R50 million. These assets generate annual profits of R2.8 million and an annual income for our client of R2 million. Using the EFPC- Heimdall Family Office, the proposed structure can generate additional wealth in excess of R2.3 million in year one. Each year the additional wealth generated by the EFPC-Heimdall Family Office can be reinvested in the client’s estate to generate even greater returns for the family, as indicated in the graph below.

* Please take note that the structures provided by the Heimdall Family Office is not a ‘financial product’ as defined in the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Service Act (FAIS), 2002 | Please be cautioned that you are not afforded the same FAIS related protection for this service offering as you are with the EFPC share portfolio offerings.