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Dawie Roodt – Director & Chief Economist


Investors typically need a sizeable amount of money to gain access to the management skills of the Efficient Private Clients team, but with the Select BCI Global Equity Fund, a larger investor audience can access the insights and long-term thinking of a world-class investment team.


Put your money where I put mine…

Why global exposure?


The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) makes up less than 1% of the market capitalisation of global equity markets. Many sectors, industries, and investment themes are thus sparsely represented. It has also been proven that appropriate levels of global exposure enhance the benefits of diversification, improve returns, and reduce risk.

Why the Select BCI Global Equity Fund, managed by Efficient Private Clients?


The world can be your investment arena! To achieve superior long-term investment returns, you should construct and invest in a portfolio of the world’s best companies. This will allow you to harness the power of compounding and to enhance your exposure beyond a single geography or sector.


Identifying and investing in high-quality businesses is at the heart of our investment philosophy and process. To meet our obligation to you as an investor and to compound your global wealth, we seek out and allocate capital to high-quality, growing companies with exceptional management teams and sustainable competitive advantages. Moreover, we only invest in these businesses when they trade at fair valuations. This ensures that we do not overpay, and neither do you.

Fund objective:


To generate absolute positive total returns over the long-term to compound your wealth. We aim to do this by constructing a concentrated, strategically diversified portfolio of the world’s leading high-quality companies.

What does the fund invest in?

The Select BCI Global Equity Fund invests in listed equities. As your investment team, we search for companies with:

  • significant competitive advantages,
  • inelastic demand curves, and
  • sizeable growth prospects.

We avoid:

  • companies involved in large capital expansion programmes or restructuring,
  • businesses with highly cyclical earning profiles, and
  • companies who face substantial regulatory risks.

Our focus results in investments with typically high returns on capital, that generate strong free cash flows, and have management teams proven to be effective at allocating capital. We combine modern perspectives with enduring investment management principles, and rigorously analyse global long-term thematic trends to ensure that the businesses we invest in achieve our growth expectations. Equities are selected from various industries, regions, and differentiated revenue streams that are exposed to thematic growth drivers to achieve adequate diversification.

Why our team of investment specialists?


Collectively, our team has more than 100 years’ experience. They are passionate about global investing and have the qualifications to combine modern perspectives with established research practices. Our team’s industry-related qualifications include:

  • 4 CFA Charterholders
  • 3 CFA candidates
  • 2 PhD’s in Economics
  • 3 MCom Economics
  • 1 Global MBA
  • 1 CFP


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Is this fund right for you?


The Select BCI Global Equity Fund is suitable for investors who want to grow their wealth through actively managed, strategically diversified, global exposure to equities across developed markets.


Are you comfortable with:

  • Remaining fully invested in globally listed shares?
  • Tolerating market fluctuations, given the volatile nature of equity markets?
  • Investing for the long-term to capture the benefits of compounding?

How do you invest in this fund?

Speak to your financial advisor or email your investment team at

Still not sure?

Still not sure?

Still not sure?

Then please contact us at and we will answer any questions that you might have.