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Privacy Policy

Thank you for viewing our Privacy Policy. As a rule, we do not collect personal information about you, unless you choose to provide that information to us, and we do not give, share, sell or transfer any personal information about you to a third party. We do however wish to expand a little on this policy.


Personal information collected from online, interactive forms:


Some of the pages on our website (such as the secure portals and newsletter subscription facilities) allow you to voluntarily submit personal information. In all these cases, the information that you submit will only be used for the express purpose for which it was intended. It will not be made available to any third party, other than those parties who are employed by Efficient Group Ltd or its subsidiaries to perform specific functions on our behalf, such as product marketing, delivery and technical support. Such parties shall however not be entitled to use your information for any purpose other than the function for which they were employed.


Personal information collected from e-mails that you send to us:


Any e-mail communication that you send to us will normally include your return e-mail address. Chances are that you will also include personal and/or confidential information in your e-mail because you want us to address issues specific to your situation. In any such event, we reserve the right to use that information, including the return e-mail address, in responding to your request.
Please also note that in very limited circumstances we may be required by law to disclose information that you have submitted to us to certain authorities.


Non-personal information that we may record:


During your visit to our website, our operating system may automatically record some general information about your visit. Information recorded by our operating system may include:

  • The Internet domain for your Internet Service;
  • The type of browser that you are using;
  • The type of operating system that you are using;
  • The date and time of your visit, as well as the specific pages that you visited;
  • The address of the previous website that you were visiting, if you linked to our website from another website.

The information that may be recorded in terms of this paragraph is used for statistical analysis, the ultimate intention of which is to make our website as useful and user-friendly as possible. Please note that the above list may be varied and updated from time to time, but no personal information about any individual visiting our site, will be recorded in this manner.


Links to other sites:


This Policy exclusively discloses the privacy practices of our website. We may however provide links to other websites which we believe might be of value to you. Should you follow any of these links, you may be directed to websites which are beyond our control. Even if an affiliation exists between our website and a third-party website, we exercise no control over any linked sites.
Accordingly, our Privacy Policy as stated in this document does not apply to these external links or the websites visited by following these links. If you visit a website that is linked to our site, you should consult that site’s privacy policy before providing any personal information.


If you have any questions or comments about our Privacy Policy, please forward them to