THE SOLUTION - Efficient Private Clients
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The Solution integrates a multi-level investment approach with due diligence at individual client level. The result is an investment methodology that produces consistent excellence and removes much of the risk associated with investment advice.


Internal & External Expertise

The Solution combines Efficient Private Clients (EFPC) in-house asset management expertise with the research capabilities of our business partner, MenteNova, and provides access to the experience and insights of its quantitative analysts. MenteNova received the prestigious “Investment Consultants of the Year” -award in 2015, from Batseta.

MenteNova’s role will be to examine all relevant financial, economic, market and asset class variables during different cycles. Based on this, the team develops customised financial models to identify an optimal allocation of financial instruments for each mandate. This will provide the Investment Committee with a specific framework for each mandate, a ‘shopping-list’ featuring the ranking of each of the various financial instruments. The framework will, in turn, be plotted against the strategic long-term allocation for each mandate. The EFPC asset manager will then apply his expert approach to assess whether the portfolio is either overweight or underweight, using different parameters. Instruments within each parameter will be individually assigned a percentage allocation.


The Client-Specific Solution

The next step will be to conduct appropriate due diligence for the client. At this stage, EFPC will analyse the needs and appetite for risk of each individual client, and will pair these with a mandate specifically designed to fulfil those needs.


The Result

By combining individual due diligence with a multi-level investment approach, The Solution achieves consistent excellence on a reduced volatility basis, resulting in lower risk. Essentially, it allows us to offer an institutional-level investment solution to individual clients. This is the way in which our service differs from the generic solutions offered by our competitors, in which products are not paired with individual due diligence and therefore may not maximise exposure to the correct asset classes.