EFPC Local Houseview - Efficient Private Clients
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EFPC Local Houseview


Minimum investment: R 1 million
Management Fee: 1.25%
Target Return: CPI + 7% (Local CPI)


EFPC Local Houseview

The EFPC Local House View aims to achieve capital growth over the long term. This portfolio will typically comprise of quality, ordinary shares and will often be fully invested in equities. To fulfil these purposes, a well-diversified portfolio of between 18 and 26 shares is constructed. The fund’s focus will be to invest predominately in South African listed equities. The manager is however, permitted to invest in exchange-traded funds to gain exposure to commodities or foreign equity markets.

Local Houseview Performance

The table below indicates the performance for the EFPC Local House View Portfolio. The graph illustrates how a R1 million investment in the EFPC Local House View Portfolio would have performed.

Performance and Statistics (Local)